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Coffin nails, also sometimes referred to as “ballerina nails,” are the famously current go-to nail style for celebrity trendsetters like Cardi B, Dua Lipa, Kylie Jenner, and Rihanna. While similar to a stiletto nail in length, the differentiating factor is the flat tip edge versus the pointed tip named after the high heel. The magic of the coffin nail is that it effortlessly exudes a feeling of cool that can only be found in something completely and totally cutting edge. 


With so many nail art trends taking over our Instagram feeds, it can sometimes feel impossible to know what to try next. There are so many colors, shapes, lengths, and patterns. Where to even begin?! One of the best parts of fresh nails is the feeling of being pampered. It is a moment to slow down for a moment and treat yourself to some much-needed TLC. The experience should leave you feeling refreshed and renewed with confidence. The coffin nail is a definite fast track to instant glamour. 



The coffin nail has a distinct signature shape that is instantly recognizable. Known for its long sides and short, tapered-off flat tip, the shape creates a space able to be filled with zest and pizazz. This unique nail shape resembles the outline of a pointe ballerina slipper and, yes, you guessed it, a coffin. 

Don’t let the ominous moniker fool you into thinking these nails are only for the spooky season of October. Coffin nails are a great finishing touch for any reason and every season. 


The coffin nail shape is especially useful for creating a special look because its signature length provides a larger canvas particularly suited for detailed decorative nail art. Just look at the Hot Girl Stunner collection - the long tip of the nail is absolutely key to the wild and free-flowing spirit of the eclectic flame pattern. Because of the flat tip, the coffin nail strikes the delicate balance of dramatic flair while still maintaining some everyday practicality - no accidental eye-poking here! The coffin nail is the perfect bold and stylish choice if the also beloved stiletto nail is feeling slightly too extra for the current moment. 

The coffin nail regularly tops the nail shape popularity chart, and with plenty of good reason for it! The reason coffin nails are so flattering to all nail shapes and sizes is because of the elongating effect the tapered ends have on fingers. They just look that good on everybody! That’s a style worth trying on for size.  

If the fear of daily wear and tear is causing you trepidation, fear not! The coffin nail might appear to be high maintenance, but this stunning style is deceptively easy to wear and maintain. As far as celebrity nail art goes, not every trend is accessible to the everyday person. Coffin nails are able to combine luxurious length with functional manageability. They can do it all! That being said, if the long nail look isn’t for you, that is totally okay! Our styles can be easily shortened with a nail file or nail clipper and still maintain the iconic coffin tip shape.


By far, one of the best parts of deciding to try a fresh set of coffin nails is their true artistic versatility and adaptability. The longer nail shape provides ample space for visual creativity. The possibilities for design are endless! After all, there are so many 2021 nail trends that need to be tried! 

Dark hues such as deep purples, black, and inky blues are officially on the mood board of the moment. Unlock your inner witchiness from within with the deep purple to black gradient as seen on the Starlite Press On Nails.

Another exciting way to glam up a tried and true staple color favorite is through the thoughtful addition of detailed line work. A lovely example of the simple transformative power of nail art is the stunning gold detailing found on the Greek Goddess Press On Nails. The glossy finish on these white coffin nails shines even brighter with their thoughtful golden-lined finishing touches. The nail art seamlessly manages to strike a balance between traditional and new. Even a solid color block is designed to be special and unique. 


The coffin nail is a beyond perfect opportunity to sprinkle in drama and intrigue into the everyday look. These designs have the incredible power to shift perspective. Thrown-on sweatpants can suddenly be thought of as a tastefully paired set of co-ords. Not only that, but the striking beauty of these nails can easily step beyond the causal call of duty by also comfortably holding court with fantasy award show evening looks galore. 

The coffin nail is truly the Little Black Dress of nail shapes—it goes with everything, and it can be worn for anything. It looks good on everyone! These nails send the message that the wearer is a put-together queen who is always in the know. They portray confidence, which then further instills confidence in the wearer, therefore creating a crazy cool cycle of confidence and awareness of self-love and appreciation. You’re cool and trendy. Deal with it! 



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