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More treats, less tricks. Looking for the perfect Halloween nails? Whether they're our spooky Ghosted, flirty Creep it Real, or feisty Feline Fine nails, our press-on nails will definitely get you into the spirit. 

Bundle includes THREE sets: Ghosted, Creep it Real, and Feline Fine. Each bundle comes inside the holographic web outer box. 


Ghosted: orange oval nails with ghost designs, medium length

Creep it Real: pink stiletto nails with silver spider web designs, long length

Feline Fine: square pink french nail tips with black cat accent nails, long length


How to Apply our Nails:

  1. Gently file the surface of your natural nail bed to create friction for the glue to adhere to.
  2. Apply a drop of glue to the bottom of the Clutch nail and a drop of glue to your natural nail.
  3. Place Clutch nail on top and press down firmly for at least 30 seconds.

Our nails can be easily shortened with a nail file or nail clipper!

Title: Pick Your Poison Halloween Bundle Presale


Pick Your Poison Halloween Bundle 

When you hear the phrase “Holiday Season,” your mind might fast forward to the wintery wonderland that is those end-of-year December festivities. But hold on, not so fast! There is one season, one autumn month, in particular, that deserves not only to be separately recognized but also appreciated. This special season sets up the perfect opportunity to plan our festive nail art in advance. That’s right; we are talking about Spooky Season. Now is the time to stand out from the crowd! 

Spooky Season, also sometimes colloquially known as the entire month of October, is the absolute perfect time to pull out your Pick Your Poison Bundle from The Clutch and make a scary awesome statement. It is time to channel all of your inner Vampira and Morticia Addams vibes. 

No need to be choosy here. You can take your pick from our three delightful and delectable spooky styles: Creep It Real, Ghosted, and Feline Fine. Out on presale now, this limited edition press on nail bundle is a sure way to get you into the Halloween spirit. 

Creep It Real

The Creep It Real press on nail set features sleek pink stiletto nails with silver spider web designs that are an eye-catching modern nod to classic Halloween decor. This dramatic nail set proves to be anything but creepy. This set of press on nails transforms the dramatic stiletto shape into a hauntingly cool look, and these nails will be sure to stop anyone in their tracks. The delicate silver linework adds that extra special level of attention that will set your look apart. 

The dramatic stiletto nail is famous for its long length and sharp, pointy tip. The shape starts out similar to an almond, but it ends at a sharper point with a wider base. While the stiletto nail shape might not be the most practical option for typing out an email, it more than makes up for that with its showmanship. Simply put, these nails came to slay. They are the perfect finishing touch to any fierce look. 


The Ghosted nails are so festive and fun that it’s almost scary (almost being the operative word). This eerie cute set contains jack-o-lantern orange oval nails with friendly little ghost designs. These press on nails come in a medium length, but you can always file or use nail clippers to shorten if needed. 

The oval shape is classic for a reason. They are functional, refined, and exude a feminine energy that is comfortable in its chicness. This shape may mimic a natural nail, but these press ons bring a level of strength and durability to the table that a regular manicure does not. These press on nails are so gorgeous that they’re practically ghoulish! 

Feline Fine

It is impossible not to be feeling fine with the Feline Fine press on nail set! This design features a square pink french tip with black cat accents, putting a true Hallows Eve twist on an iconic look. In nail shape history, the square shape is a staple and classic look for a reason. Square nails are known for featuring a flat tip and sharp cornered edges. This combination creates a sophisticated finished look that seamlessly matches style with functionality. It is a go-to style for a reason! 

Let us take a moment to break down more a little more specifically why this nail set is the cat’s meow. The French tip look is recognizable for its natural-looking pink base finished with a flat white-edged tip. The design first came onto the scene in 1970s Hollywood. The look of the French manicure quickly achieved icon status by proving to be a reliable style that can flawlessly match with any actress's costume changes on set, saving both precious time and money. Fun fact: the French tip manicure is not actually French! 

The Feline Fine nail set takes this historically iconic look and adds the perfect amount of interesting Halloween edge. The black french tip look is both cool and subversive, defying the familiar tradition of a classy staple by creating an exciting and daring moment. By adding the transformative decor of a peeking black cat to a black french tip, this style combines both tricks and treats for the wearer. No extra candy needed; this feline fashion is sweet enough. 


There are several important decisions to be made when it comes to planning our first Halloween back in action. Yes, there are the costumes, the treats, the plans, and the movies to think about. Not to imagine figuring out all the candy to be shared! With so many big plans to be made, it can be hard to spend time focusing on the detailed finishing touches that really take things to the next level of oomph. With three fun and contemporary styles made to be shown off, these press on nails are the perfect combination of durable, creative, and flirty. 

The Clutch’s Pick Your Poison bundle is the must-have fall look that adds a little bit of spooky fun to any everyday moment. These nails have such a fun and playful take on the classic fashion nail shapes of stiletto, oval, and square. By combining delicate line details in the form of spider webs, ghostly accent decals, and black cat french tips, our three special Halloween press on styles are perfect for bringing your inner witchiness out to play, full moon optional.  


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